Next bitcoin etf decision

Next bitcoin etf decision

Securities and exchange commission (sec) acknowledged vanecks 19b-4 form for its bitcoin (btc, 1. 79) exchange-traded fund (etf) application on monday, formally kicking off its 45-day.

  however, market analysts remain confident that a bitcoin etf is coming, likely in 2019, but inevitably by 2020. Given that bitcoins next halving a 50-percent reduction in block rewards also occurs in 2020, the next few years will likely be some of the most exciting, volatile years for the flagship cryptocurrency.

There are no bitcoin etf proposals currently sitting before the sec, but one may still be approved before 2020.

As a result, bitcoin breached 8,000 but was ultimately rescued when a statement from sec commissioner hester peirce was released detailing official dissent from the agencys etf disapproval.

  on may 20, the sec delayed its decision on the vaneck bitcoin etf and added another 35-day period for factfinding.

In july, jeff dorman, the chief investment officer of crypto finance firm arca, opined that junes volatility dramatically decreased the likelihood of a bitcoin etf snagging approval from the sec.

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Next bitcoin etf decision

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