No connection on mt4

No connection on mt4

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Next time you see the price is not moving and price charts are not updated on your mt4 platform, you will likely find no connection message at the bottom right corner. In such case, use my 5 methods to re-connect and get your mt4 online again.

  if your mt4 or mt5 trading platform showsno connection error as below, that means your platform isnt connected to correct server and not getting any.

  no connection appears when youre not able to establish a connection with the trading server.

Possible reasons of no connection may be either poor internet connection or problems with the server. To solve the problem, try to do the following check if your internet connection is stable and good. Left-click on the no connection message in the bottom right corner of the terminal and choose rescan.

No connection indicates that you failed to connect to our server. You should do the following - click on the bottom right corner of mt4 where it is showing no connection and select re-scan servers, or select the server with the lowest ping. - if the server does not respond, close mt4 and restart it again using run as administrator mode.

  when at home, everything is fine but at my workplace mt4 says no connection at the right bottom of the page, although i can still use internet as usual. I have tried going to toolsoptionsserver and changing the proxy server but didnt help. I also tried opening new demo account just to see if that would make any difference but no luck.

  no connection problem with the data feeds cant copy signalsconnect to signal server 114545. Same here i found on my firewall the connection keep failling. I wonder what happend, usin mt4 198 , metaquotes demo server.

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Regulated broker  complete transparency  available on all devices.

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No connection on mt4

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