Nvidia k80 ethereum mining

Nvidia k80 ethereum mining

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Any motherboard (with 2pci-e 1for k80 and another for your principal gpu)gpuetc. If u will use only this gpu, maybe a good psu for that monster.

Specs are nvidia tesla k80, dual cpu intel xeon e5-2695, 64 gb dd3 ram, on a 1 tb raid 0 ssd virtual drive. Device 1 tesla k80, 11519mb, 823mhz, 13mcu device 2 tesla k80, 11519mb, 823mhz, 13mcu.

  previous mining stats on the tesla k80 with 24gb of ddr5 video memory isnt good. On a gpu benchmark basis, it score less than half that of a gtx 1050ti. If you start mining with this card, the expected hash rate is around 10 of the hash rate you would get from an rx 570 8gb video card, which means the hashing power is below 3mhs.

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I have read many posts on the internet that ask the question if ethereum mining with nvidia tesla k80 graphic cards in google cloud platform compute engines is possible and profitable. There seem to be different opinions out there and i have seen results between 13 and 200 mhs but not a single comprehensive overview.

  well a k40 is basically identical to a titan xp and if the k80 claims to be double the performance of this i can give you some numbers of what the k80 would perform like ethereum 70-80 mhs - zcash 1260-1360 sols. And in terms of profitability you would be looking at about 6000 a year without electricity costs.

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Nvidia k80 ethereum mining

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