Oanda margin call rules

Oanda margin call rules

Oanda will send daily margin call emails to accounts that fall below margin requirements at 345 p. When an account remains under-margined for 2 consecutive trading days, all open positions will be automatically closed using the current fxtrade rates at the time of closing.

On oanda fxtrade, the margin requirement is 50 of the margin needed to place a trade. You are required to maintain this margin requirement on your account. If the funds on your account falls below the margin requirement then your positons will be closed, this is known as margin closeout.

If your margin closeout value is less than your regulatory margin used, you will receive a margin call alert by email. Margin call emails will only be sent out if your account falls below the regulatory value. You can avoid margin closeouts by reducing the amount of margin you are using.

Oanda takes a form of security (or deposit) against any losses that you may incur when you trade using leverage, this collateral is typically referred to as margin. Both margin rates and maximum leverage ratios vary depending upon the instrument traded, and whether you have been categorised as a retail or professional client.

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Oanda margin call rules

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Oanda margin call rules

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