Olymp trade payout

Olymp trade payout

The request status says the payout has been successfully made but you havent received the money.

After you verify your account, our support consultants will check whether your saved payment method can be removed. You will be able to withdraw funds to all other payment methods available.

The payout has been successfully made status means that we have processed the request and sent the funds to your bank account or e-wallet. The payout is made from our end once we have processed the request, and the further waiting time depends on your payment system. It usually takes 2-3 business days to get your funds delivered.

Fill in your card or wallet details, then the amount of money you want to cash out. Olymp trade allows the minimum payout of 10 or 10, according to the currency of your account.

Some banks and payment systems have restrictions on the maximum payout, so a larger amount can be credited to the account in smaller parts. You will receive the requested amount in full, but the funds will be transferred in a few steps.

Experience points (xp) our new rewards system offers active traders even more perks and privileges.

  high payout ratio products in olymp trade are choices that help you keep your account safer. For example, with payout ratio 60, you trade with 5 orders, each orders investment is 10, three-win, 2-lose.

Olymp is a trading platform that was founded in 2014, but only became well known in 2016. It is one of the online trading companies of the new generation, in the wave that followed the example of success set by iq option.

Have fun, click here and there, get to know olymp trade platform features. It will help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes when you start real trading.

Olymp trade provides forex, cfds, and options trading, you are free to trade any available trading instruments. Olymp trade offers a payout of up to 90 for binary options trading.

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Olymp trade payout

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