Optimal settings h1z1

Optimal settings h1z1

Have it look at all of your computer hardware and then say for optimal performance and rendering set this to this, this to this, this to this, ect, ect, ect.

Step 2 search h1z1 king of the kill right click characteristics local data search local files. Step 4 open this file and mark them all copy and paste step 5 close and save.

Also to add something, (shadows and aa off, one or two settings turned to medium) yields the same fps as very low default does.

Would u guys help me with setting my obs and in game settings to make h1z1 playable aswell as watchable. While i set obs and game for full hd resolution, high pixel quality ( or medium doesnt matter ) preset x264-fast i have very low fps in game and cant play well.

While you are on the h1z1 game, press the esc key from your keyboard to access the game window next, select the settings options from there navigate to the graphics tab and reduce the resolution to a lower setting now, play the game and see if it runs better.

Heres a breakdown of my balanced useroptions settings for best fps, and still look good! This setting is a true medium setting that allows you to still see all visual effects such as bullet positioning, explosion distance and peoples black outline from closer (makes them easier to target).

-hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone had any real optimal settings currently for the new h1z1 st that recently just came out? I havent really seen anyone post much updates since it was released.

  h1z1 dramatically increase performance fps with any setuplets try for 200 likes! For this extremely helpful tutorial! Do your part and hit like now!a.

  hello there, i have been playing h1z1 for a few months and was looking around today for optimal settings for it? I have a evga geforce gtx 970 super clocked acx 2. When i first got the game i had to set settings to very low in order to obtain playable fps. Setting anything to medium and above results in choppy gameplay.

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Optimal settings h1z1

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