Optionrally financial services ltd

Optionrally financial services ltd

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Optionrally is a well-established binary options broker, launched in 2011 by optionrally financial services ltd. Optionrally financial services ltd are a privately held company that operates optionrally as a regulated broker.

Possess over the the cyprus securities and exchange commission (cysec) license. The headquarter of optionrally is in 201 zavos kriel court, 1 griva digeni street, 3035, limassol, cyprus with cysec license no.

, located at zavos kriel court, 1 griva digeni street 201, limassol, cyprus.

The cyprus securities and exchange commission (cysec) announces that the authorisation of the cyprus investment firm optionrally financial services ltd (the company), number 22013, is suspended, pursuant to section 26(2) of the investment services and activities and regulated markets law of 2007, as in force (the law), as there are suspicions of an alleged violation of.

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Optionrally financial services ltd

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