Osrs banned from trading a dicing bot

Osrs banned from trading a dicing bot

Is playing with a dice bot bannable? Or is it just the host of the game that gets in trouble? 18 comments.

I dont think permanently banning people who use dicing bots is the answer, but i think something like this could work on the first offense, a player gets a temporary ban with no duration. They simply have to read their message center to be unbanned, and the message would inform them that to use gambling bots is against the rules.

So i was playing on my account the other day and i ran across one of those dicing bot guys at ge. Had no clue you could get banned for botting for trading a bot in the appeal ticket system,.

E there are dicing host, which is essentially gambling your gp in-game while trust trading another player. I have reminded more than several players that participating in any sorts of gambling in-game is against the game rules, in other words, you are risking getting your account permanently banned.

  whered all the ge dice bots go?, until very recently i could go to the ge and almost always find an automated dice host.

By fitting in with the average player, it makes our bots significantly harder to detect, reducing the chance of your account getting banned. In the future, we plan on allowing our bots to communicate and interact with other osrs players.

Tired of getting banned with other bots? Dreambot is the most anti-ban oriented bot on the market. Youll be up and running in under 3 minutes, with almost no setup required.

  defileddicer rigged dicing fully customizable area walker spammer mod detection brief description slices & dices gamblers for their money features triple security checks checks the players in-trade and outside of trade if they match the identity of the gambler.

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Osrs banned from trading a dicing bot

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