Paper wallet for stellar

Paper wallet for stellar

Paper wallets are secure, offline mechanisms for storing cryptocurrency. The process involves printing private & public keys onto paper, to be stored in a safe location.

Keybase is an encrypted communication app with a built-in stellar wallet. Solar wallet is a stellar wallet with dex and multi-signature support. Lobstr is a mobile and web wallet with dex and multi-signature support.

  contribute to stellarpaper-wallet development by creating an account on github.

  next on the list is stargazer, a stellar wallet available for both desktop and mobile devices. You can download stargazer for windows, mac os x and linux operating systems, and its also available for android devices from google play.

Cli tool for making fancy printable stellar paper wallets to hold your lumens (xlm).

  in this video, i show you how to quickly make a stellar lumens paper wallet. Are you a btc holder? Claim your hex for free! Use link below to receive 10 more.

All of the code for the actual generation of the keys & qr is taken directly from the official stellar paper-wallet github. The site is ssl and hosted on github pages, but i recommend you download and run it offline for maximum security.

This guide will specifically look at how to create paper wallets for ripple xrp, stellar xlm, as well as any erc20 tokens, such as tron trx or eos. The procedure is the same for most cryptocurrencies though, so you should be able to follow these directions even if the coin you want to create a wallet for isnt explicitly noted.

Its a command line application that generates a mnemonic seed (24 words) that derives stellar key pairs. Its much easier to store (you can just write it down) and do not require a printer.

(, 0926 am) briangale wrote per request, here is a link to a paper wallet generator. One of the best feature of a paper wallet is that it cannot be hacked since it is generated and kept offline.

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Paper wallet for stellar

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