Picture of dave from x22 report

Picture of dave from x22 report

  dave from x22 report the deep state & the election (video) by operation freedom published october 5, 2020 updated october 5, 2020.

Anything that is said on the show is for information purposes only. If making any type of investment or legal decision it would be wise to contact or consult a professional before making that decision. This x22 report and the people has been put together to benefit the people.

Ioappareldisclaimer the comments and opinions shared in th.

  hi dave, i know you spend many hours researching the information you offer on your reports. You may have already been made aware of what is now being put out there about q being a cia psyop all these years.

Your amazing! Today i have seen the missing piece ukraine-part from glenn beck. Not sure if you and your team are aware of the research done by blaze tv. Its about forcing a undercover-operation starting a war with russia as years ago after the maidan-revolution.

  dave is a washington health care consultant insider from 30 years and he picked up a lot of solid background so hearing his perspective is really interesting. He includes some insider information from his father who interacted with president trump decades ago in the constructiondeveloper aspect of trumps business in new york.

X22 report qanon conspiracy figure exposed november 8, 2020. Update feb 15, 2021 it has been brought to our attention that some of the data we found scraped by a third-party domain (it was dead at the time of our research, but we found incomplete snippets still in the google cache) was actually research done by ne0ndistraction on github.

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Picture of dave from x22 report

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