Pound to inr after brexit

Pound to inr after brexit

  the pound sterling to indian rupee (gbpinr) exchange rate has experienced an uptrend over the last five years as the uk emerged from recession and india bore the brunt of.

  at the time of writing, the pound rupee exchange rate (gbpinr) trended in the region of 89. 6700, while the rupee pound exchange rate (inrgbp) traded at around 0.

At the time of writing the gbpinr exchange rate was trending around 82.

The pound leverages the cautious optimism around the post-brexit deal between the uk and the european union.

The gbpinr rate lost around 15 rupee during the after math of brexit.

  however, it could cost substantially more when you come to make the money transfer if the pound weakens after brexit.

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Pound to inr after brexit

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