Rcbc uitf calculator

Rcbc uitf calculator

Fund name investment date (mmddyyyy) investment amount cut-off date (mmddyyyy) important always click on the reset button to get a new roi computation with different assumptions (e. Different fund name, new investment amount, or different dates).

Choose whether you wish to open a new uitf account or enroll existing uitf account. Read and understand the terms and conditions confirm client information then click submit. For new clients accomplish the customer suitability assessment (csa) and select preferred rcbc uitf.

  rcbc trust is regulated by the bangko sentral ng pilipinas.

Uitf yield results start date navpu end date navpu no of units of contribution market value net income return on investment(absolute) disclaimer this calculator does not guarantee the accuracy of the computed yield of your investment.

Uitf navpu yoy returns minimum initial investment minimum additional investment minimum maintaining balance rcbc peso short term fund php 5,000 php 1,000.

The rcbc uitf online facility (uitf online) is a module in rcbc online banking retail (ror) that allows individual investors to enroll new or existing uitf accounts online and access them 247 without having to go to an rcbc branch to physically submit the required documents.

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Rcbc uitf calculator

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