Reference exchange rate bulletin treasury department bsp

Reference exchange rate bulletin treasury department bsp

Daily, monthly (average and end-of-period)and annual peso per us dollar. Daily reference exchange rate bulletin (rerb) daily (current day) daily (starting january 2017) cross rates daily peso, us dollar and euro cross rates.

Source reference exchange rate bulletin, treasury department, bsp date updated 26-mar-2021.

45561 sdr thb on-shore price source reuters forex closing prices as of ny time- 26-jan-2018 various banks in bahrain as quoted in reuters screen.

  bsp buys currency bsp sells notes buy tt buy am buy country code tt sell notes.

  bangko sentral ng pilipinas treasury department reference exchange rate bulletin go to this page httpwww.

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Reference exchange rate bulletin treasury department bsp

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Reference exchange rate bulletin treasury department bsp
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