Retropie optional packages

Retropie optional packages

  how to access the optional packages click on the retro pie menu. Scroll through, and once youve found the emulator you want, select an click install from source.

On my retropie i would like to emulate almost everything that i can but some of the package titles are not self explanatory and some systems have multiple emulators. When i am adding optional packages on a fresh install i would like a printed list of each package title and what it is for so that i can just go down the list and install only the ones that i want for each system.

Following the june 8th 2016 update to the retropie setup script the functionality and menu structure have changed noticeably from the streamlined earlier incarnation. 0 dev allows far more control over the setup and maintenance of retropie , it necessarily appears a little more complex than before in this guide i illustrate the revised layout.

  most video game roms are copyrighted, meaning it is illegal to download or distribute them online. Ripping your own roms is a legal grey area, but if you plan on ripping cartridges you own, youre going to need to invest in additional hardware.

Cus if it isnt there, it wont show up in the emulationstation games list.

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Retropie optional packages

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