Saiga 12 galil handguard

Saiga 12 galil handguard

Allows you to install a galil style handguard on your saiga 12.

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  well after a 3 month hiatus (lots of hours at work) im back into working on the saiga, and i think the first mod i want to do is one of the galil style front handguards if thats possible.

  i needed another us part and as much as i like the saiga handguard, i decided to replace it. To my surprise, the handguard didnt look anything like the one on the website.

Our saiga handguard replaces your factory one-piece handguard and includes a sling nut and three removable accessory rails that allow you to customize your weapon as you see fit.

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Saiga 12s sagia semi-auto shotguns and rifles are manufactured in russia by izhmash imported by russian american armory. This 12 gauge shotguns features a smooth bore barrel with a chrome bore and chamber, adjustable gas system, providing for shooting shot and slugs, including magnum, with a shotshell length of 2 and 3.

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Saiga 12 galil handguard

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