San diego otay mesa enrollment center

San diego otay mesa enrollment center

  otay mesa, california enrollment center address 2500 paseo internacional san diego, ca 92143 hours of operation 600 a.

  enrollment center address hours of operation contact information otay mesa, california otay mesa cargo facility 9777 vila de la amistad san diego, ca 92154 800 am - 400 pm mon - fri (619) 671-8155 (619) 671-8056 calexico, california building c, commercial facility 1699 east carr rd calexico, ca 92231 800 am - 400 pm mon - fri (760.).

Given the covid-19 pandemic, call ahead to verify hours, and remember to practice social distancing.

2500 paseo internacional san diego, ca 92154 phone directions do not use gps instead from 805 or 5 northsouth take 905 east.

Customs and border protection officials announced friday that trusted traveler programs enrollment centers at the otay mesa port of entry in san diego, and at the calexico east port of entry in calexico will reopen to the public on sept.

  sentri enrollment centers are situated along the us-mexico border.

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San diego otay mesa enrollment center

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