Santander international interest rates

Santander international interest rates

Access information about santander internationals personal banking and savings account interest rates, and mortgages, for jersey and isle of man customers.

Access information about santander internationals personal banking and savings account interest rates for international customers.

Santander international is the trading name of santander financial services plc, jersey branch and santander financial services plc, isle of man branch. Santander financial services plc is incorporated in england and wales with number 2338548 and its registered office is 2 triton square, regents place, london nw1 3an, united kingdom.

Santander international offers a personalised banking and saving accounts service for uk residents, uk expats, foreign expats and international customers with international banking needs.

High exchange rate margins santander adds about 5 above the mid-market rate thus making transfers costly transfer speeds transfers outside the uk can take up to 4 working days to be completed. Transfer fees when making small transfers 5,000 and below, the fees charged as a percentage of the transfer amount can be quite significant.

Atm fee free for santander atms, 3 for domestic non-santander atms, 6 for international atm usage, with the exception of santander atms in mexico atm fee refund none overdraft fee 35 12 with overdraft protection.

See what interest you get on your santander uk bank account access information on both on-sale and off-sale accounts.

Fast track your goals at a great rate when you maintain at least 10,000 in the account.

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Santander international interest rates

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Santander international interest rates

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