Saving indicator settings in mt4

Saving indicator settings in mt4

When you set the desired values for the indicator s input parameters click on save button.

When you set the desired values for the indicator s input parameters click on save button. It could be anything from missing dll file indicator settings to incompatible mt4 file or the indicator was not designed to show lines.

How to change the settings of your indicator right-click the chart your indicator is attached to. Select the indicator you want to change from the list and click the edit button.

Mt4 chart templates save all of the current settings of a chart. This includes all chart property settings such as color, chart type, autoscroll, ask line etc. This will also save any indicators that are loaded on the chart and all drawn objects. Applying a saved template to a new chart will duplicate all the settings on another chart.

As long as those other templates to not load the indicator, load the template, add the indicator, re-save the template. If the templates load the indicator, they already have settings. You will have to reset the indicator (possibly using the saveload) before re-saving the template.

The indicator is highly robust and can easily spot profitable.

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Saving indicator settings in mt4

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Saving indicator settings in mt4

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