Savogran level best floor leveler

Savogran level best floor leveler

Level-best floor leveler savograiv level-best floor leveler for leveling uneven wood or concrete floors quick setting will not shrinkand dries hard use for patching seams and holes -2. 0410 tm repairs and levels wood or concrete floors before resurfacing. Non-shrinking compound is easy to work, quick-setting and dries hard. Can be used for repairing cracks and holes in walls and floors.

- sku lcst13790a quick-setting non-shrinking compound for leveling and repairing uneven surfaces or floors prior to installing coverings, tile or carpet.

Holds firm due to its strong adhesive qualities, but is easy to work and dries smooth. It is not recommended for below-grade or wet locations, or for surfaces supporting heavy machinery.

For leveling and repairing uneven concrete, wood or other floor surfaces before installing linoleum, floor tile or carpeting. Quick-setting, non-shrinking repair-type compound used by flooring contractors for many years.

A quick-setting non-shrinking compound for leveling and repairing uneven surfaces or floors prior to installing coverings, tile or carpet.

Level-best floor leveler a quick-setting non-shrinking compound for leveling and repairing uneven surfaces or floors prior to installing coverings, tile or carpet.

A quick-setting non-shrinking compound for leveling and repairing uneven surfaces or floors prior to installing coverings, tile or carpet. Level-best holds firm due to its strong adhesive qualities, but is easy to work and dries smooth.

Box at the best price in the cement & mortar, flooring accessories, flooring and tile section only at home improvement outlet.

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Savogran level best floor leveler

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