Scuf trigger stops removable

Scuf trigger stops removable

Activate the trigger stops to optimize the distance of trigger movement in game. Great for shooter games, quick shift trigger stops help players fire faster. 9mm scuf key, the adjustable hair trigger mechanism can be quickly tuned to locate the sweet spot during.

Reduce unnecessary trigger movement with adjustable pull depth. Fine tune the activation point for your l2 r2 triggers and reduce unnecessary latency. Adjustable hair triggers are found under the removable trigger covers and are adjusted with the included 0.

Trigger covers are fully removable and easily clip onto the trigger body. They are designed to let you access the hair trigger for fine-tuning and to improve your trigger accuracy and hand comfort. The long trigger covers extend the natural parameters of the controller to suit larger hand sizes and have a rubberized grip for added control.

Trigger control system adjustable hair triggers trigger stops trigger covers customizable thumbsticks d-pad & control disc 21 additional features interchangeable faceplate removable vibration modules audio touch bar audio port reset button 22 accessories 23 contact us & technical support scuf gaming limited warranty.

With an easy turn of the scuf key can be activated trigger coverextenders easily clip onto triggers and fully removable improved accuracy and hand comfort to suit larger hand sizes trigger extenders extend the natural parameters of the controller.

  scuf infinity4ps pro ps4 controller trigger control system. Quick shift trigger stops enables the user to activate various activation points on the trigger stop.

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Optional features for the scuf infinity4ps pro controllers emr (electro-magnetic remapping) quick shift trigger stop and trigger extenders.

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Scuf trigger stops removable

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