Set and forget strategy

Set and forget strategy

Set and forget trading is the process where you set all of your trade up at the start including, your stop loss and profit targets, and then forget it to let it either make a profit, or be stopped out.

This means you let the trade run until it hits your take profit, or your stop loss.

Set and forget trading is when the forex trader will open a position with both a predetermined stop-loss and take profit area already in mind. Once the trade is triggered, the trade will run with no management from the forex trader. Basically, the trader will allow the trade to run until it hits either your stop-loss or your take profit target.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or a professional trader, you will love the one-stop-place you will have with the set and forget team of traders, community, and educational services that combine to take your trading to the next level. The internet has changed everything, and classical style investment has completely changed.

Overview of the method this system is a pure set and forget trading method and is 100 mechanical as well. There is no need to analyze anything at all to make trading decisions. When the time comes, you simply open your charts, place your orders, then close everything. We will be using a 30 pips stoploss and all orders will be placed on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday.

If a level is tested, the order was removed if set & forget that order would remain in place until i next looked at the screen. If a trade becomes live & a reaction to the level does happen, the stop is moved if set and forget it will either hit the profit level or the stop level.

  could you explain me what does set and forget mean? Set and forget means that you enter an order to open a trade by buy-stop or sell-stop (rather than at market), specifying both the take-profit and stop-loss levels together with the trade-opening instructions.

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Set and forget strategy

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