Shankar ias academy anna nagar fees structure

Shankar ias academy anna nagar fees structure

Shankar ias academy the best coaching centre for civil services exams in south india is located in anna nagar, chennai with branches in bengaluru, thiruvananthapuram, adayar, salem and madurai.

1,03,400 5 gs (preliminary cum main) csat optional paper (except geography) rs.

  shankar ias academy fee structure, salient features, admission procedure, and reviews. Shankar, shankar ias academy is one of the most trusted ias coaching institutes in south india for the preparation of civil services exam.

Door no 18, old plot no 109, new plot no 259, al block, 4th avenue, shanthi colony, anna nagar, chennai 600040.

Shankar ias academy is one of the leading upsc coaching institutes in south india. The network of coaching centers of shankar ias academy is widely spread in many south indian cities like bengaluru and chennai. Shankar ias academy conducts preparatory courses for competitive exams such as ias, ips, tnpsc (group i, ii, iv), ssc, and banking.

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Shankar ias academy anna nagar fees structure

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Shankar ias academy anna nagar fees structure

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