Shoppy store wordpress theme documentation

Shoppy store wordpress theme documentation

Shoppystore is one of the best multipurpose elementor woocommerce wordpress theme 2021. With 15 beautiful homepage designs, 03 mobile layouts ready, multi vendor marketplace support and full ecommerce features, shoppystore will surely a suitable theme for any multi-vendor marketplace or any shopping store website.

The most powerful feature of the visual composer is that it gives you an easy drag and drop page builder that can be used from the standard wordpress pagepost edit area or directly from the frontend.

Shoppy store best-selling multipurpose woocommerce wordpress theme (15 unique designs & mobile layouts ready!) shoppystore is professional woocommerce wordpress theme that is evaluated with clean and elegant design.

To install themes with the wordpress theme uploader download the theme. For more info on tax settings, refer to woocommerce documentation. Store notice if you want to show a text bar notice across your site, enable the store notice and enter the text in the textarea.

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Shoppy store wordpress theme documentation

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