Sims 3 social networking skill

Sims 3 social networking skill

Social networking is a skill built around the smartphones that come with the sims 3 university life. Its a very mobile skill that just about any sim can do, though it is not a big moneymaker.

A sim browsing with the smartphone social networking is a skill in the sims 3 university life. The skill mainly involves interacting with the smartphone by texting, browsing the web, streaming video, or blogging.

While it is common to have threads complaining about how certain things have been implemented by ea in the sims 3, this thread is to compliment them.

  become a social networker with the best of em with these top 10 tips from sims 3 university life official eguide author, rebecca de winter 1. Take a class on social networking to give your sim a good head start on this skill.

The sims 3 university walkthrough social networking building social networking skill has plenty of benefits, including unlock new phone skins and special apps on their smartphone.

The sims 3 doesnt actually offer cheats to raise skills directly. Instead, you have to use other commands to allow your sim to focus their effort. Cheating will keep them from getting tired, hungry, or stressed out.

In the sims 3, all skills except photography, martial arts, nectar making, and sculpting have their own class at a rabbit hole. Generally, the standard fee of a skill class is 400, and a class lasts for an hour. This is not always the case for example, mixology and riding classes costs 500 and lasts for two hours, an advanced technology class costs 500 and lasts for three hours, and so on.

Youtube (or simtube) it would be awesome if the sims could become youtubers (pretty self explanatory) 2. An actual instagram for the sims (they could take pictures of things, post them with captions, gain followers, etc) 3. Instead of the sims earningunlocking the phone skins, it would be pretty cool if they could just buy them.

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Sims 3 social networking skill

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Sims 3 social networking skill
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