Sm megamall bowling reservation

Sm megamall bowling reservation

Sm bowling center megamall is located at the 4th level of sm mega fashion hall. It offers bowling, billiards,table tennis ,videoke and massage chairs.

Sm bowling is a one-stop-entertainment hub that offers total recreation and fun experience to family and friends.

Warm greetings to all of you this is the chance for you to have fun and enjoy your weekend together with your friends and family what are you waiting for come and visit us today.

Sm megamall is a shopping mall located in the ortigas business district of metro manila, philippines. It is one of the largest sm supermalls developed and operated by sm prime holdings, the largest mall operator in the philippines owned by henry sy sr.

Early summer deal enjoy one game of bowling at sm bowling center sm moa, megamall, north edsa, clark, and sm cdo downtown premier starting at p117 being the first to use a fully computerized and automatic scoring system, sm bowling center revolutionized ten-pin bowling in the philippines.

Sm bowling mall of asia is a one-stop-entertainment hub that offers total recreation and fun experience to family and friends. It boasts of state-of-the-art and fully-automated bowling facilities houses a modern billiard area hip and up-to-date extreme games and arcade stations and snack bar that caters to every guests cravings.

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Sm megamall bowling reservation

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