Smash ultimate stick sensitivity

Smash ultimate stick sensitivity

Ultimate for the nintendo switch allows players to customize their controls. Under other settings there is an option for stick sensitivity. Stick sensitivity low normal high change how much speed is needed to perform a stick flick.

  the description of the stick sensitivity setting is vague so i did some testing to figure out exactly what it does. The short version is that it changes how much time you have to push the attack button after moving the stick and still get a stick flick, which is what the game calls making the stick motion for a smash attack.

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  smash ultimate is a hectic fighter, with smooth movement and attacks, so of course, you will likely want your controller sensitivity to be as high as possible when playing to get the most out of.

  lower stick sensitivity to lessen smash attack errors lowering the sensitivity settings of your joy sticks will lessen attack errors. For example, the controller will not mistake your heavy attack tilt for a smash attack flick when attacking if the sensitivity settings are lowered.

If you have your c-stick set to tilt attacks, use high sensitivity as it makes smash attacks easier to perform.

Tilt stick only affects the window between a smash attack and tilt attack. Set to normal theres a 6 frame window to move the stick from neutral to the edge of a direction for it to register as a smash attack. Low decreases that window to 5 frames (translates to having less time to do a smash attackharder to do smash attack, bigger window for.).

Thank you! Millions of comments about people saying the game feels laggy. The stick sensitivity literally does what every stick sensitivity adjustment does. It felt like it took hours to move my cursor across the character select screen, but with sensitivity set to high it feels like normal again.

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Smash ultimate stick sensitivity

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