Smorgasburg los angeles vendors

Smorgasburg los angeles vendors

Welcome! Smorgasburg markets are the largest weekly food events in the country, attracting tens of thousands each day to markets in new york and los angeles. The markets are a launchpad for new food businesses and a place of exploration for locals and tourists. While the smorgasburg brand remains the same each day, the individual.

Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in america, with markets in new york and los angeles attracting 50,000 people each weekend to eat from a hundred local vendors.

Welcome! Smorgasburg markets are the largest weekly food events in the country, attracting tens of thousands of people each day to markets in new york and los angeles. The markets are a launchpad for new food businesses and a place of exploration for locals and tourists.

All new vendors start by applying through our online application. If were interested in your application, we will be in touch to schedule a tasting and meet in person. Pets are not allowed at the market, were sorry! Yes, there is a 4,000 car garage on-site.

Chinese laundry one of the original vendors of smorgasburg during its los angeles launch, chinese laundry returns to the market offering roasted duck and live hand pulled biang biang mian. Chef leo lamprides has made a name for himself by live hand pulling noodles on the streets of highland park during their popular live noodz pop-up.

Smorgasburg is the largest weekly open-air food market in america, attracting 20,000-30,000 people to brooklyn each weekend to eat from 100 local vendors.

Smorgasburg curated and produced twelve vendors and three bars with free food and drink for attendees. Gordon ramsay uncharted x national geographic to launch the new gordon ramsay tv show on national geographic, smorgasburg produced an activation in la and ny recreating a recipe from the show using chefs from smorgasburg.

  weve rounded up the best new vendors to know about at smorgasburg la right.

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Smorgasburg los angeles vendors

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