Snn sankaralinga iyer

Snn sankaralinga iyer

Young sankaralinga iyer began to realise his dream by first converting his private banking business into a limited concern. He established the head-office of the indo-commercial bank at mayuram with the help of a group of friends who continued to be his associates for life.

Sankaralinga iyer (january 31, 1901 1972) was an indian industrialist, philanthropist and business magnate. He founded india cements in 1946 and became its first managing-director. The corporation later diversified its activities leading to the formation of the sanmar group.

Pichu ammal snn sankaralinga iyer snn death immediate family daughter of krishna iyer and gomathi ammal appadhurai gomathi sister of lakshmi ananthakrishnan subbalakshmi sundaram iyer and saradha naryana iyer.

1919 ksn was born to snn sankaralinga iyer and pichuammal in kallidaikurichi, tirunelveli district, tamil nadu. 1935 ksn married madhuram when he was barely sixteen, and she fourteen. Later that year, he joined indo-commercial bank, promoted by his father. 1937 ksn was appointed agent of the palghat branch of indo-commercial bank.

Whos who snn sankaralinga iyer started as indigenous banker set up indo-commercial bank in 1934 diversified into rubber, printing inks, a carbide factory and set up india cements in 1946,.

Sankaralinga iyer (january 31, 1901 1972) was an indian industrialist, philantrophist and business magnate. He founded india cements in 1946 and became its first managing-director. The corporation later diversified its activities leading to the formation of the sanmar group.

  india cements ltd was founded in 1946 by mr snn sankaralinga iyer and mr ts narayanaswami in tamil nadu. Starting off as a two plant company having a capacity of just 1. 3 million tonnes (mt) in 1989, india cements has grown robustly in the last two decades to a capacity of 15.

  he is the grandson of snn sankaralinga iyer, founder of india cements. Later, the corporation later diversified its activities leading to the formation.

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Snn sankaralinga iyer

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