Splenda daddy meaning

Splenda daddy meaning

  splenda daddy is kind of income-shaming language, so to be honest, it might be a term worth avoiding for most of us.

  a splenda daddy is a man who buys a women fashionable and fabulous fashions because he wants her to look her best. No sex involved, just shoes and bags, and clothes, and maybe a vacation or two.

A splenda daddy isnt a bad guy hes serious about sugaring and wants to take a baby under his wing to spoil her rotten, with no thought of using her or wasting her time. His only problem is that he doesnt have the money to back up his generous spirit.

(splen-duh-da-d) artificial sweetener is the idea here since a splenda daddy is one that wants with all his heart to be a sugar daddy, but just doesnt have the money for it. These guys are good for dinners and friendships, but shouldnt be taken as seriously as a man who does have the resources to be a sugar daddy.

  a splenda daddy is a man who strives to be a sugar daddy but just does not have enough money and wealth to pull it off. It is a man who wants to spoil his girlfriend, but cannot splurge too much money.

A man who is old and sweet enough but not have enough funds to be a sugar daddy. A relationship that on terms which all parties should involve in. A monthly or weekly money that sugar daddy promise to give to sugar baby.

A sugar daddy is a boyfriend who comes with financial benefits. Sugar benefactors can help to cover tuition, bills, and frequently enjoy bestowing gifts upon their partners.

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Splenda daddy meaning

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