The good wife season 3 episode 20 watch online

The good wife season 3 episode 20 watch online

As season three begins, alicia is back with a new found confidence and a fresh start. Will and alicia are working on a tough case the puts them both in unknown territory.

I think s3 may be my favorite because it is at this point where alicia really takes flight, taking personal risks that will reverberate through the rest of the series.

The good wife season 3 episode 20 pants on fire alicia counsels a client this week regarding a plea deal, but she gets distracted by peter and his newest rival for governor.

With julianna margulies, matt czuchry, archie panjabi, alan cumming. While alicia defends a teen wrongly imprisoned for a summer camp murder, her actions get peter an unlikely opponent for the governors race, and she is forced to confront her mother-in-law, who has bought her old home.

Alicia defends a man who claims to represent the person who created a new online currency against the treasury department,.

When you watch the good wife online you will also discover that after so many years,.

  the good wife is available for streaming on the cbs website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch the good wife on demand at apple tv, paramount, amazon prime, amazon, vudu, microsoft movies & tv, google play and apple tv.

Every available episode for season 7 of the good wife on paramount.

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The good wife season 3 episode 20 watch online

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