The witcher 3 hearts of stone ending

The witcher 3 hearts of stone ending

  heres every possible ending in the witcher 3 hearts of stone and how to get them. Released in 2015 by cd projekt, the witcher 3 wild hunt is the follow up to 2011s the witcher 2 assassins of kings. The game sees the return of monster hunter geralt of rivia and follows him as he searches for his missing adoptive daughter ciri, who is on the run from the wild hunt an other-worldly force hellbent on capturing her and using her supernatural powers for its own ends.

Hearts of stone expansion for the witcher 3 features one of the best stories in video game history. There are only two endings to this expansion one being good and the other being the bad one. If you choose to help olgierd, then youll get the good ending. After making the choice to help him, geral will be transported to odimms realm.

  related the witcher 3 10 mistakes everyone makes while playing hearts of stone. There are two distinct endings to choose from one involves odimm taking the soul of olgierd whereas, the other has geralt outsmarting the man of glass. The latter is generally considered the morally good ending, but both are well-written and brilliantly executed.

There are two different endings for the witcher 3 heart of stone expansion determined by your actions during the dlcs last quest whatsoever a man soweth. You will find below the description of these two conclusions as well as all the information necessary to obtain them.

During the witcher 3 s hearts of stone expansion, geralt is forced to do the bidding of the evil gaunter odimm. The witchers main task is to end the pact between the villain and olgierd von everec. It makes for a deep and compelling narrative, and you get to decide how it all plays out. There are two distinct endings to choose from one involves.

  at the end of the expansion, if you let the man of glass take olghierds soul, he will remove your brand and offer you a reward. The saddle doesnt increase roachs speed, but rather has a unique effect to cast some sort of axiistun effect on random nearby foes.

If you want to get the good ending, during the final quest (whatsoever a man soweth) you will have to face gaunter odimm - master mirror. However, this time it wont be a sword duel, but a riddle instead. On the way you will find various solutions, from which none is correct.

I said it is like a prequel because everything is supposed to happen before the end of the main games story, since the ultimate conclusion for geralts story is that he ends up and lives the rest of his life with either triss or yennefer.

The want to be rich option should be better, like 30-50k gold. So at least you dont have to worry about gold, or you can full upgrade the runewright.

Hearts of stone cannot be started until you have complete a poet under pressure as dandelion needs to have been rescued before it will unlock. Theres a typo there, its blood & wine that needs poet under pressure, hos should be available from the noticeboard at the 7 cats as tonypa said.

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The witcher 3 hearts of stone ending

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