Ticketmaster best available

Ticketmaster best available

The advertising standards authority (asa) has banned ticketmaster from claiming its platinum tickets are the best available after complaints that the passes offered no real benefits compared to general seating. The asa received three complaints that these supposed best available tickets misled fans and were not accurately presented.

Floor or mezzanine? 9 times out of 10, your best option is to select best available in the section column and let ticketmaster make the decision for you. Its silly to choose tickets way up in the nosebleeds when you have a good chance at grabbing floor seats.

  download the ticketmaster app and never miss out on the go. Our app gives you the power to discover, purchase, and manage your tickets all in one place when youre on the move. Fans who purchased tickets when they went on sale, may no longer be able to attend, and list their tickets for sale.

Ticketmaster buy verified tickets for concerts, sports, theater and events.

Ticketmasters definition of best available seats that are further back, right next to the b-reserve seats. I guess best available means different things to different people.

Uk advertised ticketmaster platinum as the best available tickets. It went on to describe the program, ticketmaster platinum offers fans the best available tickets for an event direct from the artist.

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Ticketmaster best available

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