Tradestation oco oso

Tradestation oco oso

Learn how to place oco and oso bracket orders in the trade bar. See how to setup and place entry and exit oso (order sends order) and oco (order cancels order) orders using the templates that are available by clicking the osooco button in the trade bar.

From the trade bar, click the ocooso pull-down and choose an oso, oco, or bracket order template. Account number the account number is the default tradestation number for the asset class that you are trading.

Placing a custom oco and oso order allows you to group conditional orders with multiple symbols using your own combination of oco, bracket oco, and oso orders. There is no limit to the number of parallel orders in an oco group of orders. When any one of them is filled, the others in the group are canceled.

To expedite the creation of oco (order cancels order), bracket oco, and oso (order sends order) orders, tradestation includes a set of order templates that may be selected when using the ocooso option from the order bar or when attaching or placing on oso from the matrix. There are different combinations of common entry and exit orders that.

  presented by jesus nava, director of client training and educationthis webinar will discuss setting up and placing bracket oco and oso orders.

  join jesus nava of tradestation group as he showcases the advanced order features of tradestation.

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Tradestation oco oso

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