Tradestation vs thinkorswim

Tradestation vs thinkorswim

Go accounts can use it, but tradestation charges commissions on those trades. Stock and etf trades placed on thinkorswim cost 0 each, while option contracts are an extra 65 cents.

  tradestation and td ameritrades thinkorswim are two of the most versitile brokerages available.

Tradestation also lets you run an optimization to find the best combination of input settings, while in thinkorswim this process is more guess and check. These features make tradestation much more useful for backtesting than thinkorswim. Another advantage of tradestation is that it has more data to access during a backtest.

Here it seems to me that thinkorswim has the edge over tradestation. However thinkorswim makes it super easy to place trades on options, including spreads. I really like that thinkorswim enables me to save multiple chart styles.

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  when we compare tradestation vs td ameritrade, the latter has separate online portals for retail and institutional investors. It is known for its thinkorswim trading platform, where you can buy and sell equities, commodities and options.

  until tos rolls-out a mature version of thinkscript, there is no comparison. Tos is reliable, but for auto-trading, or semi-auto trading, tradestation is still the king. Tos promises a update by july, but their scripting language has languished for almost a year, so i wouldnt count on it.

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Tradestation vs thinkorswim

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