Trading forex without charts

Trading forex without charts

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Trading without charts can work for both day traders and long-term traders.

Trading signal some traders will do something called touch trading, which is blindly buying or selling the market without a signal.

  trading, i would assume meaning short term, without charts is like driving without a map. Warren buffett does not trade with charts nor does he even look at stock quote, but then again he is an investor not a trader.

  that is why learning to practice trading without any indicators is a good practice! Forex trading using chart patterns and price action signals is tremendously powerful. There are a ton of links on price action at the winners edge trading website so we will focus.

And yes charts can be helpful to locate the supportresistance and possible stop locations,etc. But in the end it is all about order, and what will generate order flow.

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Trading forex without charts

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Trading forex without charts
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