Trezor bridge not working

Trezor bridge not working

In the mean time, if you are using chrome, you can start using the latest trezor chrome extension httpschrome.

Had to install because chrome webusb access all of a sudden stopped functioning. I had a problem of trezor recognition on two out of three ports after bridge installation.

Hello, i have downloaded and installed the latest trezor bridge 2.

  first of all, make sure your trezor device is disconnected. Step 1 use trezor official homepage - you might find the link here httpswallet.

  set up a mew, log in there, and then go back to the trezor bridge. If you cant initialize the trezor then maybe this 2nd step wont help. I also bought a nano s, ( i use both) i have to say i prefer the trezor of the 2, just seems easier.

  i had to download google chrome and set it as my default browser. (i guess it really doesnt have to be your default browser, but this browser must be in use at the time you wish to use the trezor) now once i was using the google chrome web browser, trezor fired up and showed the code screen on the device and i was able to log into the trezor website. Once in the trezor website i was able to download the latest trezor bridge.

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Trezor bridge not working

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