Uae exchange forex card login

Uae exchange forex card login

Send money online using uae exchange websiteapp at the best exchange rates online.

The freedom to travel without the fear of fluctuating currency exchange rates, overspending, theft or fraud is a dream for every traveller. We deliver on that dream and more with the first-of-its-kind multicurrency prepaid travel card in the region, launched by uae exchange over six years ago.

To get a card, you can either visit the bank or get the travel card for uae online. You have to provide a few other important documents along with the form. This includes a self-attested copy of the passport and copy of your pan card.

The mastercard foreign exchange rate and emirates nbd foreign currency conversion fee apply when you use the card to make a transaction (atm, point of sale, internet or phone) and the card does not hold the currency.

This strong network ensures that money reaches your beneficiary fast, safe and in time.

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Uae exchange forex card login

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