Vampyr clay cox hints

Vampyr clay cox hints

After youve finished the take me to a hospital mission, clay will start showing up near the tents in front of the hospital.

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  this is a vampyr guide about discovering all clay cox hintsclay cox is a suspicious type whom you will meet at the beginning of your visit to the hospital.

When playing chapter one of vampyr, you will soon encounter clay coxa - whom you will hypnotize. Doing the take me to the hospital mission, jonathan will grab him, and you will have to find a secluded place. Youll have a choice - suck his blood, and kill clay cox, or release him.

Since he went missing, his wife edwina took over the lead of the wet boot boys gang, together with her minion booth digby, edwina now runs the show. Clay appears early in the game near the pembroke hospitals landing. Jonathan can watch how clay kills a young man and shoves him into the river.

Clay is one of the first consumable characters that youll encounter, and hes also the easiest to justify consuming.

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Vampyr clay cox hints

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