What happens if you make more than 3 day trades

What happens if you make more than 3 day trades

Pattern day trading rules are triggered when you make more than three qualifying day trades over a five-business-day period. Being designated a pattern day trader is not the end of the world.

If trading three times a week is too limiting for day traders, having more than one brokerage account may be another option. When a day trader opens multiple brokerage acccounts, they can have an additional three trades for every five days.

So, what is a pattern day trader (pdt)? If you make more than three day trades in five business days, provided the number of trades is more than 6 of total trades in your account during this period, you meet the minimum criteria.

  however if the trader makes more than three day trades in this period without maintaining the minimum balance, the account will become restricted from day trading and all positions must be held overnight. (there is no limit to the number of trades if you hold the position overnight.).

The rule states if you are an active trader, meaning if you make 4 or more trades in a 5 day period, then you will be stuck in your fourth trade place. Therefore you wont be able to make any more trades until your early trades are cleared.

  so your 1,000 deposit in monday will clear and be available on wednesday, but the remainder of monday and tuesday you can use the 1,000 to trade and invest but those trades would be considered trades using equity and would allow you to be subject to the pdt rule if you day trade more than 3 times using that equity or buying power.

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What happens if you make more than 3 day trades

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What happens if you make more than 3 day trades
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