What is a combat specialist

What is a combat specialist

The user has intuitivelyinstinctively understanding of combat and an innate encyclopedic knowledge in hand-to-hand fighting styles therefore understanding and analyzing opponents style of combat and flaws in the opponents attack and defense.

Im sure there were combat specialists in the game ghost recon (the original). You were assigned a combat specialist for completing both primary and secondary objectives in the game.

Seamanship combat specialists are the experts in the control and conduct of all seamanship operations, gunnery tasks, boardings of other vessels and force protection (ships security). They conduct all aspects of ships cleanliness and upper deck maintenance.

A mission ability from world of warcraft battle for azeroth.

  a combat medic specialist, or health care specialist, is similar to a civilian emt. These professionals work on the battlefield and in army hospitalsmedical facilities all over the world.

Combat specialist expert fighter, warrior adept, combat master and killer instinct. Counts as s4 but toxin synthesizer lets them add 1 to the total, wounding t4 on 3 and t3 on a 2, you can flip this over to a caress to wound everything short of death guard and custodes on a 2 (at the cost of less damage).

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What is a combat specialist

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