What is hair botox made of

What is hair botox made of

Hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment that eliminates frizz, adds volume and rejuvenates damaged hair.

  a keratin treatment (also known as a brazillian blowdry) is a chemical treatment which smooths hair and gets rid of frizz. Many keratin treatments include the chemical formaldehyde which can produce a rather unpleasant odour and can sometimes cause irritation for those with sensitive scalps.

A botox hair treatment uses key ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, keratin, vitamins, and lipids to work its magic without harsh chemicals. So if your hair feels frizzy due to the harsh weather outside, hair botox may be able to help rebuild it.

Although it is called hair botox, the product doesnt contain the botulin toxin. The treatment was named after obtaining results similar to those of the facial cosmetic procedure.

  hair botox, also known as brazilian keratin treatment is quite popular especially with youngsters and many of them come to my opd and ask wheth.

  botox is a compound made from botulinum toxin, a substance that is known to cause muscle paralysis.

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What is hair botox made of

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