What is parallel market exchange rate

What is parallel market exchange rate

  here is a definition from a financial glossary that omits the critical part about the illegality of parallel market dealings parallel market a second foreign exchange market that exists outside of the governments normal rules governing the first (official) foreign exchange market.

  a parallel exchange rate market develops, in such circumstances and when the spread between the official and parallel rates is both substantial and sustained, price levels in the economy typically reflect the parallel market exchange rate.

The exchange rate between the naira and the us dollar for today (friday, february 5th 2021), stands at 475us1 in the parallel market. The rate had also closed at 475us1 on thursday, february 3rd 2021.

An unofficial market in goods or currencies, especially in a country with a controlled economy.

However, the exchange rates at the parallel market today is almost at a standstill as data from abokifx show. The dollar is exchanging at the rate of at n4601 in the parallel market, the rate at which it closed on the evening trade of the previous day.

  parallel market exchange rates have tumbled from a peak of us1rtgs9 recently and remain frozen at us1rtgs6 since last week amid indications the rate could drop further after government secured a us500 million facility to boost efficiency on the inter-bank forex market.

  the naira depreciated on tuesday at the parallel segment of the foreign exchange market against the u. ) dollar selling at n462 to 1 compared to n460 against the dollar on monday.

Nigerias parallel market exchange rate is a daily compilation of the price of the naira against three major currencies in the world. Note rates displayed here may be different from rates used in actual trades.

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What is parallel market exchange rate

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