What to use besides craigslist personals

What to use besides craigslist personals

Sites like backpage and craigslist personals most of the sites above are for buying and selling items as mentioned.

  doublelist is the most popular and excellent alternatives to craigslist personals. This platform is designed for people who used craigslist personals, online personal ads for dating and hookup. The website is user-friendly with mobile devices and has a fast load time across all devices.

  no personal data, no telephone number or email or facebook account, nothing, just a picture and your gender identity, and you are free to give in and find your hearts desire. According to the users, yumi is truly the best replacement for craigslist personals.

  before craigslist personal closed, oodle was the only true competitor, which means that it also offers a very similar experience to cl. Indeed, just by landing on the website, youll immediately notice that there is a ton of different ads on singles, casual encounters, men seeking men, etc.

  reddit r4r the subreddit like craigslist personals reddits r4r group is similar to the craigslist personals in that this too is a free dating forum within a larger site.

Com describes itself as an alternative to both backpage and craigslist personals. Choose the city you live near and then the categories will come up on the screen.

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What to use besides craigslist personals

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