Will steven adams get traded

Will steven adams get traded

Although, okc thunder fans knew adams could be traded it felt like perhaps he would be the last on the list of veteran talent to leave.

  steven adams gets two-year, 35 million contract extension as part of trade to pelicans, per report oklahoma citys rebuild continues.

  with the 2021 nba trade deadline in the books, lets take a look back at the thunders transformative 2020 offseason to see the expanded returns of the trades of chris paul, steven adams and dennis schroder.

From the initial trade, we now know the specifics and semantics of the deal.

Steven adams is officially on the move to new orleans pelicans, after the okc thunder confirmed his departure from the franchise as part of a four-team blockbuster deal.

Heres why steven adams will not get traded to celtics this season. But lets get one thing clear steven adams is not coming to boston this season.

  adrian wojnarowski sources the steven adams-to-pelicans trade includes denver, which traded a 2023 lottery protected first-round pick for the 24th pick (rj hampton) on draft night.

Boston celtics receive c steven adams, cle 2021 2nd round pick (via nop) new orleans pelicans receive fc tristan thompson, g romeo langford after just signing him to a contract-extension upon arrival to new orleans, it seems unlikely that the pelicans would want to move on from adams after just one season, but second-year big man jaxson hayes is starting to get.

  jrue holiday traded to milwaukee in 4-team deal steven adams to new orleans multiple players are on the move after 4-team trade between new orleans, milwaukee, denver and okc.

Kiwi nba star steven adams could bear the brunt of the backlash from the oklahoma city thunders impending nba playoffs failure, says american journalist bill simmons.

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Will steven adams get traded

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