Zoho calendar sharing

Zoho calendar sharing

Right click the calendar from the left pane of the calendar window and click edit (or) go to settings calendar calendars my calendars and click on the calendar. Click the share button next to shared with and enter the email address of the individual having a zoho account or the group name.

Every calendar added on zoho calendar under my calendars is assigned with a unique calendar url. If you have made your calendar public, then a public address is generated for the calendar in both ical and html format.

Streamline all your events with zoho calendar create events, invite users, manage group calendars, and share and subscribe to calendars, all from a single interface. Managing events just got a whole lot easier create events in your calendar application using a few simple phrases.

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Zoho calendar - share and embed calendars keep everyone in the loop customize and embed your calendar publicly on webpages and allow people to view your scheduled activities. Better yet, turn on the private mode and share calendars with specific people or groups.

Sorry! There is no option to share calendar automatically with entire organization. However, while adding an event you can check user freebusy information to check their availability httpswww.

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Zoho calendar sharing

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